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We help you to prepare your business for sale, improving the attractiveness to buyers or investors and ensuring maximum value for the seller.

A well-executed strategy could add as much as 25 percent to your ultimate sale price.

There are plenty of places to turn for help with selling your business, but not all have your best interests at heart. Most simply want to broker a deal, whatever the outcome. Often their focus is on meeting the needs of the buyer or investor.

Fit4Sale works entirely on your behalf, and our work starts well ahead of the sales process. As our name implies, we help to get your business ready for a sale, so you get the maximum value possible.

To do that you need to address the two key ingredients investors always seek: growth potential and risk mitigation. They want to ensure they buy into a business with a clear direction that operates within a responsible governance framework.

The Right Strategy

Our engagement with clients normally starts with a two day session with the executive team. The focus is on uncovering hidden value in the business, the capability to deliver and the discovery of inherent risks. From this comes a set of actionable deliverables, set against timeframes which we help monitor on an ongoing basis.

Governance Audit

Companies must manage risk. That means frameworks must be in place to satisfy any potential buyer or investor. Fit4Sale has developed its own proprietary process and checklists to ensure your business is ready for sale. That includes assessing contracts to address governance and commercial risk issues.

Risk is a common reason for the sales process to fail. There is nothing worse than starting a sale process for it to fail on the first management presentation when key questions are asked by potential buyers and the management team doesn’t have an answer.

They want to ensure they buy into a business with a clear direction that operates within a responsible governance framework.


Our workshop and audit will have highlighted risks and opportunities in your business. Our engagement managers then work with you to ensure you follow the path to building a business that is ready for sale. They’ll work with you on back office processes and ensuring key data is available in a form that will meet the needs of banks, investors or buyers during due diligence.


Our access to national benchmarking data, together with our experience across a range of industries, means we can assess the potential value of your business, to help demonstrate the payback on reforms you undertake through the Fit4Business business readiness process.

Now is the time to take the positive steps in preparing your business for sale, even if your plan is to sell many years down the track. The work you undertake today won’t just help when the sale happens, they will deliver productivity benefits to your business in the meantime.

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